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Did you know that in the U.S. alone over $25 billion a year are spent on vitamins? That is an astound figure but it highlights a great opportunity for the savvy entrepreneur. Novusera is a company that sells health and nutrition products through a network marketing business model. The Novusera opportunity works because the products they sell are of the highest quality, the cost of doing business with Novusera is affordable to virtually everyone, and the rewards for participating are extraordinary. Novusera is on the path to change the lives of millions of individuals in a very substantial way. Below you will find an overview of why I believe the Novusera opportunity is the greatest home business opportunity to ever hit the internet.

  1. Affordability – The cost of starting a Novusera business is a onetime investment of just $80. Your initial purchase entitles you to a free marketing website that is provided and maintained by the company. Like most network marketing opportunities there is an auto ship requirement to qualify to receive commissions. A qualifying purchase costs as little as $49.97 per month. The difference between Novusera and other opportunities is that the auto ship requirement is only a single product purchase. Other companies require you to purchase an increasing amount of product in order to progress to higher levels of the compensation plan. With Novusera you will never have to purchase more product than you can use in one month.
  2. Powerful Products – Novusera provides their customers with some of the best health supplements money can buy. The Novusera products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness but many people who use them find relief and increased vitality. These products are backed by solid scientific research and a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee. As far as Novusera is concerned satisfied customers are their greatest assets. The belief is that when a customer experiences the benefits of the Novusera products they cannot help but share their results with others. By sharing testimonies of the benefits of the Novusera products the interest of others is peaked and they become motivated to try at least one of the products for themselves.
  3. Powerful Compensation Plan – The Novusera Lifetime Rewards Plan is so different from the comp plans of other network marketing companies that Novusera was able to copyright it. There are eight ways for Novusera affiliates to earn money.
    1. First there are the retail commissions that are paid immediately and monthly.
    2. The second way to earn is personal enrollment bonuses paid weekly.
    3. The third way is the 90-day jumpstart paid on a monthly basis.
    4. The forth way to get paid is the 30-level fast start paid on a monthly basis.
    5. The fifth way is the perfect binary residual earnings paid on a monthly basis.
    6. The sixth way to earn money is with the car program paid on a monthly basis.
    7. The seventh way to earn is with rank advancement bonuses paid monthly
    8. The eighth and final way to get paid is with the perfect line bonuses paid weekly

The power of the Novusera opportunity was apparent to me and some of my closest associates so we got together to form the $quare Biz Marketing Group. We all partnered with Novusera to take advantage of the opportunity the company provides. Using the knowledge and experience acquired over the years we put together a marketing system that will help a novice make money like a superstar. We have combined online marketing with an offline approach to create and easy to duplicate system that will work for anyone. If you would like more information about how our system works then simply fill out the form below to sign up for $quare Biz Marketing Method. You can use the access code squarebiz if you were not referred here by one of our partners.

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