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Working Online With A System Is Good But Working With A Team Is Better!

About Alex

Before we get into some of the most important information you have ever come across I just want to give you a little background information about my self . I am a full time Student. I am also A Resource Consultant providing useful products and services from a number of vendors. I help people save money and I teach people how to make extra money from home. I have been involved in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales industry for approximately six years. When I first started out I joined a number of different companies, and followed a number of their “fool proof” marketing plans, with little to no success. I did exactly what my up lines told me to but could not seem to attain the level of success I was seeking.

Thus begins my Quest

I began searching, and searching all over the internet for information vital to succeeding in this business model of Network Marketing I found a whole wealth of knowledge as well as a ton of trash. Through a mixture of perseverance planning and applied knowledge my trial & error produced a reliable system for marketing your products and recruiting new business partners The Ultimate Home Business Plan. What I have learned over the past six years is that one can not buy success, but there are many people online today who would be more than happy to try to sell it to you. There is nothing worth having that did not require a comparable amount of work to acquire. And finally Never Quit, Never Give Up, Never Give In Because Your Persistence Pays Off In the end. Here in the face of defeat Team LOTDA rises from the ashes

A Dream Is Born

The Mission of TeamLOTDA is to build lasting business relationships through honest and enlightened business practices and providing our full support to others that choose to do the same Jesus said that he that desires greatness must be a servant. (Paraphrase) My number one desire is to be a good servant to anyone who needs and/or requests my services. TeamLOTDA was formed in order to serve my fellow Network Marketers and to help others achieve what ever level of success they desire. was formed in order to serve my fellow Network Marketers as a one stop shop for Leads, Tools, Training, and Alternative Opportunities. All Members of Team LOTDA are focused individuals with a burning desire to make a difference in their financial future as well as the financial future of the other visionaries in the team. We Are All Working Towards A Common Goal and Together There Is Nothing We Can Not Achieve!
Over my several years of online marketing I’ve found that most could succeed but are rarely given the chance.  There are several reasons for failure I see over and over again…

Reasons people fail online:

1. They don’t have a proper mindset.

2. They don’t research the various opportunities they join.

3. They don’t have a PROVEN marketing system.

4. They receive no SUPPORT from their sponsor.

5. They don’t make an intentional commitment to their success.

Ninety-five to ninety-eight percent of people who attempt to start a home business fail. This is a harsh reality but the truth none the less.  The purpose of this blog it to share my knowledge with the world and help my fellow marketers escape the “rat race.”

See The light Of A Brighter Future Today And Work Hard For Your Tomorrow!

God Bless and Great Success

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